I know I haven’t been super active lately, I’ve had school and touristy things going on, but I have a favor to ask.  In one of my classes we’re talking about how Americans are perceived by others.  If anyone who is from somewhere other than the USA could fill out a quick survey (shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes) I would really appreciate it.  Thank you in advance.

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On the topic of replies, I have one left until I’m all caught up and will be trying to get some more paras started soon.  Let me know if you’d like to para with any of my babies.

Cannon 8 - Wyatt Crowley



Deceased: Wyatt Crowley of District 9

Killed by: Alaricus Keir of District 2

Holy cow, folks! Alaricus is on a rampage. And even with our flair for the dramatics here in the Capitol, this is a kill to shield the eyes of your children from! Alaricus took his time with the killing of hopeful Victor Wyatt Crowley of District Nine. With a lack of trees in District Nine, Wyatt had no idea how to properly climb one, and almost literally fell into Alaricus’ lap, breaking an arm in the process. The former Career Trainer then went on to cut open Wyatt’s back and break each of his ribs up and out of his body – while the man was still alive – before tearing out his lungs. Wow. What a show, ladies and gentlemen. Alaricus Keir is a strong and scary force here in Day Two. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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Cannon 7 - Fawn Caswell



Deceased: Fawn Caswell of District 10

Killed by: Alaricus Keir of District 2

Well, folks, we knew it wouldn’t be long until District Two’s Alaricus Keir showed up to the game. After receiving a very generous sponsor package, he spent little time finding his first victim. Young Fawn Caswell of District Ten was getting a drink of water when Alaricus found her. He slashed her neck and the cannon sounded. Keep your eyes on District Two this Games, folks! They’re fierce!

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Cannon #3 - Matthias Nox



Deceased: Matthias Nox of District 8

Killed by: Ravinia Lux of District 2

We knew it wouldn’t be long until our Careers showed up, ladies and gentlemen. Ravinia Lux of District Two spent a long time tracking and stalking Matthias Nox of District Eight before attacking him in a river. Matthias tried to fight back, but Ravinia quickly broke one arm and one wrist, rendering him defenseless. In a great show of strength, she held the man underwater until his cannon sounded. What a wonderful way to continue the Games! We can’t wait to see what our Careers have in store.

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That’s my girl *smug hair flip*

Caesar Flickerman: Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome to the stage Naima Creek Mentor from District 2.  Everyone give them a round of applause. How are you tonight?

Reply: I’m great, Caesar, thank you for having me. 

Caesar Flickerman: How are your Tributes feeling about the Games?  Do you feel that you have prepared them as much as possible for the arena?

Reply: Oh Ravinia and Alaricus are both overwhelmed with confidence right now.  I’ve been working with both very closely to prepare strategies and plans.  I can’t reveal anything just yet, but I think the audience and Gamemakers alike will be impressed. 

Caesar Flickerman: With this being the Quarter Quell, do you think having Tributes of various ages has been any more challenging than usual?

Reply: Of course.  The minds of teenagers work very differently than those of children and adults.  We’ve never seen a mix like this.  I’m sure it’s going to be a year to remember.

Caesar Flickerman: Now, outside of Training with your Tributes, how has your time in the Capitol been?  Any noteworthy events since arriving?

Reply: I’ve met with a few of my old Capitol friends, though I haven’t had the chance to see everyone I’d like to.  It’s only been a few years since my last trip to the Capitol but it feels like so much longer.

Caesar Flickerman: How are your relationships with the rest of the Mentors?  We always love Mentor drama as well as a Mentor romance!

Reply: Oh all the other mentors are lovely.  It’s great to get to catch up with them all over the games.  We only ever get to be all together during the few short weeks of the games.  I don’t expect you’ll see any romance from me this year.  Ravinia and Alaricus are going to be taking up all my time this year.

Caesar Flickerman: Thank you Naima and we wish you and your Tributes the best of luck!

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“Your eyes will always be closer to your soul than to any other part of your body except the heart”

Tribunal | Ravinia, Naima


Make them work for her. That idea brought a smile to Ravinia’s face. She liked the sound of having someone “work for her.” Especially if those someones were trained Career Tributes. She wasn’t stupid. Sure, she’d love to get a few kills herself, but at the end of the day, she was going to come out the Victor. As such, she needed to keep herself safe. Having someone trained to deal with things would be perfect.

“Alright. I’ll talk to them sometime during training. See what’s going on with them.”

Ravinia nodded. She knew better than to attach herself to anyone going into the Arena. She had no interest in forming any friendships: at the end of the day, they would be dead. Even Alaricus. While she would love to have him as a strong ally, she certainly wouldn’t make the mistake of befriending him. Esepcially after Naima’s warning.

“No, of course. I’d never. I’d kill them first.”

She gave a small smile, then looked up at the television to see herself in her beautiful chariot outfit. Her stylist had done a wonderful job with her. Alaricus had hated his outfit, but at the end of the day, he looked  good. It would be good for sponsorship.

“Jersey rocked our outfits,” she commented. “Has anyone contacted you about backing us?”

Naima’s dark eyes followed her tributes across the screen.  They did look marvelous.  She couldn’t complain that they were poorly dressed.  Though the stylists could have used more creativity in her opinion.  Her tributes preformed flawlessly though.  They conveyed every air of confidence and poise.

"You’re outfits were good this year," Naima said.  "And they definitely helped grab some attention.  I’ve had several calls, some more serious than others.  A couple were merely ‘welcome back to the Capitol calls’ unfortunately.  Don’t worry though.  No sponsor is forthcoming until interviews are over and training scores are released.  Then the offers will be more concrete."

Naima had a few lunches planned with sponsors who had been loyal to her in the past.  There were no promises on the table yet.  It was only old friends meeting for lunch.  She would reach out to more once the games began and sponsors were more free with money.  Naima only hoped that Aleks hadn’t burned too many bridges during his time as sole mentor.

Then District 3 began.  A young woman, a teacher based on her file, and a man tattooed more than almost any Capitol citizen Naima had ever met.  A tattoo artist that lived in the Capitol.  Unusual.  The girl so far was a bore, but he appeared interesting.  That was not good.  District 3 was next to District 2 for everything.  His strong appearance could potentially distract from her tributes.  Not to mention he worked in the Capitol, apparently he was fairly popular.  That was even worse.  He went into the games already having fans.  Naima scribbled a few notes on the file in her lap.  ”He could pose a problem.  I doubt he’s trained, but he’ll be a distraction.”

Amicus • Naima & Alaric


"You’re correct to think so," he smirked, leaning the majority of his weight on his right leg. What was his plan? It was an inquiry he’d mulled over many a time before—those instances being well off in the past, however. Still, he’d clung to shards of his fragmented battle plan over the years, daring to even make minute adjustments every now and again should he have found a worthy apprentice to bequeath his finely tuned scheme upon. Divide et impera. A phrase he’d learnt as a young child; one learnt within the walls of his Training Centre.

Eyes ridden with clandestine deceit, the man knew he couldn’t divulge his strategy in its entirety to a single soul—not even Naima. “The Career Pack,” he began, eyes trailing after the character’s own. “I presume it’s still going to be a component this year, no?” His speech then wavered for perhaps a second or two, bits and pieces of his plan slowly clicking into place. “Assuming that they are, I’m going to ask you to get me in with them.” A snigger then resonated in his throat, painting an almost jovial visage upon the man’s features. “That shouldn’t be too hard. Shit heads would have to be pretty stupid to not let me in.”

Naima inspected her tribute.  The boy was strong, certainly.  She had seen him train before, and he was capable.  He could easily the the victor this year.  Both he and the girl were had good prospects.  A District 2 victor was only a few short weeks away.  The idea excited Naima.  

"I will do what I can with the mentors, but I recommend you speak to the tributes you want as allies yourself.  These are not children who will blindly follow the orders of their mentors.  We are dealing with adults such as yourself.  And they aren’t your typical careers, either.  The ones from District 1 have been reaped, they may be bitter rather than grateful for their second chance.  And District 4 seems softer than in the past, more sentimental."

"You’re not a child, and I won’t treat you as one," Naima said.  In the past Naima was much stricter with her tributes, their were rules the the children must follow.  But these were not children.  She must treat them as such.  "I won’t treat you as less than you are.  Smarter, more prepared.  You are much more able.  I daresay you could wine and dine even the most pretentious Capitol sponsors yourself, put me out of a job even.  But I’ll do what I can for you.  I promise you that."